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How to write poems: for dummies

Hello! well this is my first, writ-y blog i guess? this doesn’t include a poem, so i guess its a not-a-poem blog. But (if you read the title) you’d know it has something to do with poems Well, a couple of people have asked ‘How do you write so well! like omg!’. So today, I’ve decided to tell everyone How To Write Poems! well how i write them anyway.

  1. Find an idea. How can you write a poem without inspiration?! I tend to find my inspiration in books I read, the news, or even just my friends! If you get really stuck on an idea, search one up online. After you have gotten your idea, make sure to write it down! I’ve lost one too many ideas by just keeping it in my head…
  2. Branch off that idea. Now you have your topic, but i could just write down a topic and say done. Rainbows. Ponies. Glitter. You know? To actually make a poem, you have to have mini ideas in it. That sounded confusing. OK so for example in one of my last poems, i had the topic of suicide. But i had branched off of it so it now had a breaking up backstory. This made the poem longer and more interesting.
  3. Find a rhyme scheme. So most of my poems use an ABAB rhyme scheme, but there are plenty out there, like sonnets and haicoos. Find one that best suits you (or is most easiest c;) and make sure to write that down in your notes.
  4. Write the poem! So now you have your idea, your branching off and your rhyme scheme. Now nothings stopping you! go ahead! write that poem! just remember to follow the rules. If you’re stuck on rhyming a word, search it up online. Some sights that are useful are Rhymezone, Rhymer.com, RhymeDB and Rhymes.net.
  5. Your done! Well done on writing your poem! now you can post it wherever you want! or you can just be shy and insecure and keep them to yourself.

Well there you go! I hope that answers your questions well! Well goodbye! good luck writing poems! I hope they go well as I’ll be seeing them soon! (HINT HINT thats a spoiler into a couple of weeks blog c;)

All the best

Melanie xxx